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Why Freestyleaquatics ? 

Upon receiving your enquiry, we will filter out the coaches that is not suitable or doesn't teach at your selected area. The most suitable coach will be selected for you to start your personal swimming classes at your selected location. If we are not able to assign you a coach from our company that suits your needs, we would assign you a suitable and recommended private swimming coach from a partnering swim school. 

We love to know more about your swimming background which allow us to customize the program of your swimming classes, and find an appropriate coach that match your expectation. 

We will contact you and schedule a trial class after receiving your inquiry. Whatsapp us or SMS us for a much faster response.

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Lenny Tan
My daughter is currently being coached by Coach Jester and he is excellent. He makes the lessons fun and engaging and at the same time making good progress of basic swimming techniques. My daughter who is 4 really looks forward to his lessons. I would definitely recommend coach Jester to other parents that are looking for a swim coach.
Shawn lai
Frankly speaking i got to thanks freestyleaquatics coach (Amanda) for overcome my daughter's fear in swimming. Now she is more confident in swimming and always ask me to bring her for swimming. Coach Amanda will explain my daughter's progress & next action plan clearly to me which i think that is what every parent would like to know. Thanks freestyleaquatics. Indeed professional.
Jester is a nice and patient coach. My child just started swim lesson with him less than 6 months. He is able to get the attention of the child to listen to his instructions and coaching.
Jessica ong
Found a very good coach (Darren). He teaches very politely and clearly to my kid. At the beginning my kid was scared to water, but now he is fine with it and enjoying his class very much. He is very eager to learn with his coach. Thanks Freestyleaquatics for having such a professional coach!
Tracy Tan
Amazing coaches & admin, coaching method & beautiful environment nested in Freestyleaquatics! Our kids are always looking forward to swim class! Thank you Coach Darren for helping our kids gain confidence in water! This is definitely the place that your kids will enjoy without fear!. Thanks
Nancy Lee
freestyleaquatics probably has the best instructors ever! The instructor for my kid was fun, attending, and very experienced. The trial class we took was a great start to introduce swimming to our little one. although there is a trial class fee involve but it is definitely worth it. Thanks you Darren Instructor for your kind guidance. i sign up immediately after the trial class! Thanks
Gary Tay
It has been a great experience and learning so far with Coach Jester, our swimming instructor. he is meticulous in her explanations which helps to understand the gaps and helps to improve. My son is also learning and overcoming fear of water. he has immense patience which is needed for beginners. I will recommend him if anyone looking for coach. Great Work!
Zen Lee
Coach Jester was so gracious, encouraging and thoughtful. I have seen so much improvement in my daughter swimming. Thank you so much for your professional teaching. she learned a lot and really enjoyed. I heartily recommend Freestyleaquatics to all of you. Thanks


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