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Best Toddler Swimming Lessons In Singapore For Intermediate

Toddler swimming lessons by Freestyle Aquatics intermediate program teaches the basics of 5 different strokes (front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, survival backstroke and side stroke). At the intermediate level, swimmers should be working on good body position (long, straight core) and extending arms from the shoulder on freestyle and on backstroke. It’s also time to focus on kicking from muscles in the hips and glutes (not from the quad/knee) and using a long leg with only a slight knee bend. Relaxed feet can work like flippers in the water. Intermediate swimmers working on the breaststroke, learning either the arms or the legs/kick first and then adding the other part of the stroke when ready. Usually, a swimmer will be stronger in either the kick or the arm pull of breaststroke and will gravitate to learning that portion of the stroke first. Helpful tools to practice breaststroke kick include a kickboard or a pull buoy. We use a pull buoy that the swimmer can hold between their thighs to emphasize narrower knees on a breaststroke kick.

Students who wish to be enrolled in the Intermediate program will be required to be first assessed via a trial class. Our small private class sizes and flexible class scheduling make it easy to find just the right spot for your swimmer.


Toddler Swimming Lessons-Strokes Technique

Freestyle Aquatics Stroke Technique class is for adult swimmers who know how to swim but would like to improve or refine their strokes. Our teachings would provide student better swim efficiency through pin pointing the body position, leg kicking, arm strokes and coordination Good stroke technique allows the swimmer to move through the water more easily resulting in making swimming more enjoyable.






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